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Still No Decision on School Finance

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Texas lawmakers are back home, but they're far from being done. Despite being one of the priority issues, lawmakers were unable to come up with a fix for school finance.

"Our solution was significantly different than the houses solution and at the end of the deal, at the end of the day, sometimes no deal is better than a bad deal. I'm disappointed that we didn't solve the problem, but considering options before us in our final days on what quote solution would be it was better not to do it," says Senator Steve Ogden.

Senator Ogden says the billion-dollar budget is about a 10 percent increase of funding from the previous biennium and much of that money will go to public schools.

"Public schools will be funded at an increase, not a huge increase but an increased level of the current biennium. So they will go on as people are familiar with them and then we'll continue to rassel with this issue that's now before Texas Supreme Court," says Senator Ogden.

The Texas Supreme Court ordered school funding problems be fixed by October of this year or state money would cease. That ruling was appealed and a July 6th hearing has been set.

Senator Ogden says the state budget will take care of the current needs for Texas schools.

"Because we weren't able to agree with House on that issue there is no guarantee on automatic pay raise on that issue. They will see some raises cause school districts have the ability to do that but the state does not mandate an automatic pay raise because the bill in which it was mandated did not pass," says Ogden.

Even though Govenor Perry has indicated a special session would not happen, Senator Ogden expects one and hopes lawmakers can come to some sort of decision soon.