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Crafty Convict Returns to Jail

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Freedom was short-lived for a crafty Brazos County inmate. After scheming his way out of jail more than a week ago, 50-year old Curtis James Smith is back behind bars.

"Our staff mistakenly went to the wrong tank and asked inmate Smith to come forward and he did and went through the whole releasing process. " says Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk.

Curtis Smith came forward, but that wasn't the Smith scheduled for release.

"At a point he had to become aware of the mistake we were making. Of course, he perpetrated that by signing the other persons name on all the releasing documents." says Sheriff Kirk.

Smith was able to walk out of the Brazos County jail after passing himself off as another inmate who was being released on bail.

These two inmates had very similar physical traits making it easier for Curtis Smith to take advantage of an opportunity to escape jail.

"There were plenty of opportunities for him to say you got the wrong guy but also plenty of opportunities for us to recognize that we had the wrong guy." says Sheriff Kirk.

Sheriff Kirk says there are checks and balances at the jail to prevent something like this from happening. But even he admits, something went wrong.

About 50 inmates are released from the jail every day. Sheriff Kirk says this was a costly mistake, but says during his time in office...he's only had this happen one other time and he hopes it doesn't happen again.

"I can't say our policy is in error. I'd say we just have to make sure we do our job and be very vigilant on the process and make sure we don't make these kind of mistakes." says Sheriff Kirk.

In addition to his original charges, Smith can now add on escape from custody and two counts of tampering with government records...because he forged a signature on release papers. That means Smith won't be getting out of jail anytime soon.

Smith was arrested Tuesday night at a residence on Robin Drive. Brazos County deputies caught up with the fugitive after acting on an anonymous tip.