BCS Landfill Moves Closer to Completion

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The Rock Prairie landfill in College Station, is not too far away from filling up its last 30 acres. Soon, trash that ends up here, will end up across the county line.

Growth in the Brazos Valley means more space is needed for trash disposal. Plans for a new landfill in Grimes County are nearing completion. Total cost for everything $2.6 million.

Pete Caler works with the Brazos Valley Solid Waste Management Agency. He says the land is already purchased, the next steps are finalizing the property and mineral acquisitions before they move on to the design phase.

The landfill in Grimes County will replace the dump on Rock Prairie road because of lack of space to expand the landfills needs.

"We need a facility that will give us a long term expansion capabilities and at Rock Prairie facility with encroaching development we don't have that long term expansion capabilities-so that's why we're moving out to Grimes County." says Caler.

More than 600 acres of land located off Highway 30, near Carlos will be the new site. College Station and Bryan have both joined forces to help fund the landfill for their area and surrounding counties.

So as the Rock Prairie landfill fills up, workers are getting ready to move to their new home.

"We have no where to expand-with landfills you typically want a site away from development." says Caler.

The new facility is expected to last 50 years. Caler says the waste management agency hopes to begin construction on the Grimes County facility in 2007 and be ready to accept waste by spring of 2009.