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Sticky Traffic Situation

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Bryan/College Station is no Dallas or Houston when it comes to traffic.

But more residents are getting stuck between bumpers ... and both cities are trying to play catch up.

A couple years ago traffic in Bryan/College Station would be the punch line for a joke.

But it's no laughing matter to the thousands of people braving the afternoon gridlock -- the congestion at peak hours isn't as bad as bigger cities, but drivers say it's bad enough.

"Used to be you could get anywhere in 10 minutes...but now it takes forever. I don't know what the difference is," says Bryan Resident Jim Petty.

Just to see how bad the traffic really is, we drove across town, once during mid morning and once during five o'clock traffic.

As expected, the second trip took almost twice as long.

Ken Fogle is College Station's transportation planner.

He says the congestion has gotten worse.

"People are aware that if we don't do something about it it'll get worse. I hear all the time we don't want to be another Austin," said Fogle.

So to keep traffic moving, the twin cities are synchronizing traffic signals, using cameras with sensors to better manage traffic -- and they're widening as many roads as possible...which is helping for now.

"I don't think we'll ever get to a point where we'll have no congestion. But we want to remove an everyday event where you get stopped at three light cycles," said Fogle.

Fogle says used to be that A&M's semester cycle would dictate traffic volume.

But that's not the case anymore.

Both cities have grown to the point where a spring or fall semester makes a bad traffic situation, even worse.

Top Five Busiest Traffic Spots in B/CS:

College Station:
- Texas Avenue / Holleman Drive intersection
- Texas Avenue / Harvey Road intersection
- SH 6 at Rock Prairie Road
- SH 6 at Greens Prairie Road
- Wellborn Road / George Bush Drive intersection (Marion Pugh Drive)

-Briarcrest Dr./Earl Rudder Frwy.
-Texas Ave/Villa Maria
-29th St/Texas Ave
-Villa Maria/Wellborn
-Boonville Rd.