Local Army Recruiting Office Under Fire

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The army's recruiting methods have been in the national spotlight amid allegations of possible misconduct by recruiters.

Here at home, a recruiting office has come under fire -- also accused of unethical practices.

When Joshua Owens decided to re-enlist in the armed forces he thought the Army's Dental Program was the perfect fit.

Little did he know he'd end up in training as a scout in the army's infantry division.

And that's just the beginning.

Now Owens' father is doing all he can to help his son.

"They know it's wrong. I don't see how they can sleep at night," said George Owens.

George Owen's son, Joshua enlisted in the Army to serve his country for a second time.

Only George says the recruiters lied to and misled his son.

"They're vultures. They'll end up killing your kids, that's what they're doing," said Owens.

Joshua Owens spent two years in the Air Force as an F16 mechanic but had to cut his career short because of a back injury.

After being home for a few months, George says his son decided to rejoin the armed forces as a dentist.

Joshua went to this Brenham recruiting office where he claims a recruiter told him to lie about his injury -- that the ARMY had different rules.

Joshua signed a contract to get into the dental program that day, he was even promised a scholarship.

Two weeks later George became ill and needed his son at home to help take care of him. Joshua tried to pull out of his commitment.

"He went back and told them I was sick and he had changed his mind. They started threatening him with court marshall, have him locked up and make his life a living hell," said Owens.

So Joshua reported for duty and was sent to Ft. Knox for basic training.

But when he arrived he found out he was assigned to the infantry division as a scout.

"My biggest concern is how many kids are on the frontlines of Baghdad because they have been lied to," said Owens.

The story mirrors complaints against recruiters across the country. Problems the Army says are under investigation.

Last month, all Army recruitment activities were halted for a day so practices could be reviewed.

Similar complaints of threats against prospects have also cropped up in Houston.

Army Representatives for the Brenham office say they are investigating, but they also say jobs are guaranteed to soldiers, and Private Owens' assignment to the dental program should not change.

George is talking to anyone who will listen, including his local congressman.

We contacted Congressman Michael McCaul's office who says they received the letter from George Owens and they are interested in helping.

But they will have to wait and get a signed privacy authorization form from Private Owens before they can interfere.

The Army also says it may have more information for us about this case tomorrow.