16 New Ramps Coming Along Highway 6 In Bryan / College Station

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas With growth comes traffic.

As the population of Bryan / College Station nears 200,000, road work is under way to keep up with more people living in the area.

TxDOT has been constructing new ramps on Highway 6 between University Drive and Harvey Road to ease congestion.

But this is only the beginning.

As many as 16 Highway 6 ramps are set for improvements.

It's part of a plan to help make our travel faster and safer.

Getting behind the wheel is frustrating for drivers like Kailey Morton of College Station.

New off-ramp and on-ramp changes are causing traffic backups,headaches and confusion.

"Its not as crowded as it will be. So right now its really frustrating. I live right back there. So it takes like ten minutes to get out of this intersection right here," said Morton.

The ramp project is about 5 percent finished right now with each section of ramps taking around two months to complete.

16 total ramps are coming from Boonville Road all the way to Southwest Parkway with on-ramps and off-ramps swapping places.

They are creating what are called x ramps.

Bob Colwell with TxDOT's Bryan District Office says the current construction between University Drive and Harvey Road will finish next month.

Then they'll switch to the northbound ramps between Southwest Parkway and Harvey Road.

"The reason for this is that we're growing so much in this area that traffic is starting to back up on the main lanes of state Highway 6," said Colwell.

Ruth Waller has lived in Bryan her whole life and remembers times before the bypass.

"It'll all be worth it once its all over with, but its just being patient and waiting until that happens,"said Walker.

TxDOT also wants to warn drivers to remember to slow down to 60 miles per hour in construction areas where that's posted.

The entire $9.6 million project is expected to be finished by January 2015.

So expect to see these changes continue.