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Keeping Your Kids Busy This Summer

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It's the beginning of summer for most Brazos Valley kids and that means lots of time at the pool and hanging out at the park.

Stacey Webb is a mother of two and says she makes sure her kids stay active during the summer months.

"We try to make sure they get outside everyday. They swim in their little pool outside. We try to take walks and try to stay active -- not so many video games and tv shows." says Webb.

During the school year, many kids keep fit and healthy thanks to education programs within the school. But Dr. Chris Miars, a family physician says the summer months can leave children without an active routine...and that's not good for their health.

"One thing we're seeing in medicine is obesity is on the rise. The largest population that's having the increase in obesity is the pediatric population to the point we're even seeing diabetes." says Dr. Miars.

While many youngsters may be tempted to stay inside and play video games or sit on the couch and watch tv...parents are encouraged to keep their kids active and spend the summer outdoors.

Splashing around the pool could be a great way for kids to cool off during these hot summer days. Also, there are plenty of summer programs around town to keep your youngsters busy.

The freedom of summer can also bring a lack of fruits and veggies for some.

"At home, I try to keep fruit and try to make them eat healthy but its easier said than done with children." says Webb.

Nutrition is just as important in the summer as it is during the rest of the year. Clinical dietician, Shelly Laaser says it affects the child's cognitive development and their overall health.

"The parent has decision to purchase regular popsicles or sugar free popsicles. The parent makes decisions if gonna pick up a 12-pack of sodas or bottled water for their children to drink. The first line of defense is right at the parents." says Laaser.

Balancing your kids time from playing on the computer to climbing on the jungle gym will make for a much happier and healthier youngster.