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Animal Shelter Board Changes

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Its been a rocky few months for the Brazos Animal Shelter. Not only has the shelter been barred from seizing large animals, it also lost two major contracts. Change was ordered and it started with the Board of Directors.

The Brazos Animal Shelter Board of Directors has been restructured. No longer will Bryan Mayor, Ernie Wentrcek, and College Station Mayor, Ron Silvia, be on the board.

County Judge Randy Sims will now be joined by the city managers of both cities. The reason?

" For the board to be more efficient. They have resources to be able to meet and conduct the business of the shelterr a lot more efficiently than the 2 Mayors," said Mayor Silvia.

" This is going to give us the opportunity to work more closely with the board. The Mayors, the County Judge are incredible people, but they're very busy and what this allows us to do is work more closely with staff and it gives us a chance to interface with them on a more regular basis," said Kelly Durham, Brazos Animal Shelter Executive Director.

Bryan City Manager, Mary Kaye Moore, will be the board chairperson. She says things are about to get hectic with plans to build a new shelter and the city managers may be better suited to stay on top of things.

" The board as it was are all committed to seeing a new animal shelter built and I think they understand that's going to take a lot of work and a lot of time," said Moore.

County Judge Randy Sims is still on the board, but may appoint someone from the county to take his place.

The board and animal shelter both say they would like to see a separate committee of citizens in the near future.

" I think it's absolutly necessary to have residents involved and the reason is because just like with government the voice of the people is important," sadi Durham.

All sides say they hope the changes will be for the better and resolve some of the conflicts of the past.

" I think it's going to make difference. I think that we're going to move forward," said Durham.