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Franklin's First Traffic Light

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The city of Franklin has never had a fully functional traffic signal, and even after decades of lobbying the only thing swaying above their city streets is a flashing yellow light.

Franklin residents have been pleading with the Texas Department of Transportation for years to have a traffic light installed at the intersection of FM 46 and US 79. The intersection has been the site of several car wrecks, but at the moment only an overhead-flashing beacon is in place.

Franklin mayor, Charles Ellison believes that a traffic signal is long overdue, but fortunately the city was finally approved this past May.

"I think that it will help more of the local people than anything else, it may slow down the highway a little, but it sure will make the intersection less dangerous," says Ellison.

However, the issue of the project's funding still remains. State representative Jim Dunham is currently looking for the state funds to solve Franklin's traffic problem.

"I think the challenge is we need to make sure that the money is allocated for and we're working on that right now," says Dunham

City officials expect state funding to come through by the end of the year.