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Robertson County Family Continues to Fight for Cancer Awareness

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It’s been a long year and a half for the Dent family, losing a wife, mother, daughter and best friend.

"She was just a wonderful friend. We lived two blocks apart; we were stay at home moms, we do all the fun activities you do with kids." says friend Amy Ruiz.

Becky Dent was a lifelong resident of Hearne she was well known for her genuine personality and vibrant smile. After graduating from Texas A&M, Becky began her teaching career, something her mother says, started at a very young age.

"She liked to teach school from the time she was real little. She'd get neighbor children and her brother and play like she was teaching school. She had that gift I think of teaching and of being a mother," says mother, Linda Hendrix.

A mother of four, Becky didn't let much get her down including her fight against colon cancer.

"She was extremely positive the entire time - from day one she said this is what God has in store for me. If he decides to heal me, I'll be healed. If not I'll be with him," says husband Craig Dent.

Becky was diagnosed in October of 2002 and almost a year later at the age of 38 she lost her battle.

"It’s really difficult to understand how she can go from doing so well and in a short period of time be gone. I have a lot of trouble still dealing with that," says Craig.

"Every time you accomplish something you want to tell you mom about it, and you’re not able to," says son Jordan Dent.

Friends and family of Becky are joining forces to continue the fight against cancer by sponsoring a team for the local Relay for Life called “Becky's Buds.”

"What good does it do to be upset if we don't channel that in to something that can help somebody else and be positive?" says Ruiz.

Even almost two years later the family still struggles with the loss and because of their strong faith. They know they'll see her again.

"It was the longest and shortest year of my life. Watching someone suffer for a year seemed to make days just drag by, but when she's gone, it was a short time," says Craig.

"It’s tough, still tough," says Jordan.