New Insights Into Bryan Stabbing

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Friday afternoon, News 3 spoke with Philip Hampton's grandparents, who have raised the 18-year-old since he was very young. They declined to speak on camera, but provided new insight into the case against their grandson.

Hampton was arrested yesterday after he allegedly broke into 69-year-old Carolyn Miller's home and assaulted her. He is charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit a felony, which is a first degree felony offense.

Part of Miller's nose was severed, and she suffered multiple stab wounds.

Hampton remains in Brazos County Jail. He also was arrested on April 23 when he broke into another Bryan home, but was on out bond.

According to Hampton's grandparents, Philip was, indeed, a client at the Mental Health Mental Retardation facility, which is next door to Carolyn Miller's home. The grandparents say Philip was attending a voluntary regular meeting at MHMR Wednesday. They contend Philip did not have a chance to commit the crime, and that he was meeting with a councelor at the time.

Bryan Police detectives found a latent fingerprint at the scene of the crime that positively matched Hampton.

MHMR said Friday patients may come and go as they choose, but are monitored while at the facility. Budget cutbacks over the years have depleted the staff at MHMR. The family has asked for the state to look into matters at the facility. MHMR has refused to comment on the case, but say they are cooperating fully with the police investigation.

They also confirmed that Philip was taking a number of medications, including Aderall, Topamax and Risperdal, all of which are used to treat mental disorders. The family said his medication was increased on May 25 because of changes in his behavior, and that at age 18, he has the mental capacity of an 11-year-old.

It is important to again emphasize that all this new information in the case came from the family, and not from law enforcement or MHMR, who cannot legally disclose the above information.