Wellborn Attempts to Block Annexation Through Incorporation

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Some Wellborn residents believe they've found a way to avoid becoming part of a city: Become a city.

With College Station eyeing a portion of Wellborn for annexation, a group of Wellborn residents is trying to beat them to the punch by incorporating into their own city.

The first step is to get College Station's permission since Wellborn is inside the city's extra- territorial jurisdiction. The group presented the request Friday, but no action has been taken.
Meanwhile, the College Station city council is set to vote on annexation Thursday.

One of those opposed to being annexed is Wellborn resident Gary Potter. "Those of us who live in the Wellborn community live here by choice," Potter wrote in a letter to the city council. "Many of us moved from College Station in order to live a country life style and to avoid paying city taxes."

"Several people who live in the Wellborn community live on low, fixed incomes and cannot afford to pay additional property taxes," Potter stated. "If certain properties are annexed, some people will be forced to sell their property and move elsewhere, which would essentially constitute a land grab by the City. That would simply be un-American."