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Shopping Online

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The next time you surf the Internet to make a purchase, there's one site you'll want to check before you start browsing because you could end up paying more when shopping online.

According to a recent study, customers who shop online might be paying different prices for the same products.

It's called prize customization and it allows retailers to use your online shopping habits and adjust the price accordingly.

" I don't think people are aware of price customization. What people can do is whenever they're on a site, go to the sitemap and look for the link to their security information and see exactly what information they are gathering about their shopping habits," said Cheryl Bridges with Texas A&M's Center for Retailing Studies.

Bridges says it's helpful for retailers to know what types of things you like so they can offer you special deals, but it could also mean you might be paying a higher price for an item than someone else.

A secure website will assure that your activity online won't be monitored, however, it may also mean that you may not hear about special offers.

Even though online sales are on the rise, many people still prefer to use the internet to do the research and then go to an actual store to purchase the product.

" I will check online. I do most of my online shopping for major purchases. I will compare prices online and do some research that way and then go out to the store," said Monteigne Cordray.

Cordray often shops online, but she was not aware of price customization.

" That is a little disturbing, a little scary that someone could know what I'm looking for and my price could be adjusted based on that," said Cordray.

Cordray says she'll be more careful when looking for the best bargains online.