CS Annexation Approved with Changes

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College Station's city council has approved an annexation plan after hours of deliberation and discussion.

In all, more than 1,200 acres will come within the city limits after a final 6-1 vote by the council.

Four of the six proposed areas for annexation totalling about 1,200 acres were annexed in their entirety.

Click on the link at the end of this story to access a map of the originally proposed annexation areas.

Area 5 in the plan, which is on South Highway 6, was not annexed. That area includes the Texas World Speedway and some other businesses and residences.

Most councilmembers said they wanted to give the city and the owners of the speedway time to discuss details necessary to bringing that property into the city limits.

In that Area 5, there were also development agreements signed at the 11th hour with the city, though the signings were outside a 45-day window given by the city. The majority of councilmembers believed more time was needed on the entire Area 5 to make sure all items were in order.

Area 5 totalled more than 1,000 acres.

When it comes to Area 4, which by many is considered to be part of the community of Wellborn, the council only voted to annex the Creek Meadows and Wellborn Oaks subdivisions. Left out of the annexation was the Wellborn Community Center and the Wellborn Cemetery, pieces that residents spoke in favor of not annexing.

It's unknown at this time exactly how much of Area 4 was annexed, according to city officials.

The areas dropped from the near-immediate annexation plan go into the city's three-year plan, meaning are still marked for annexation in the next three years. For the city, it is a much more involved process of generating reports and negotiating services, with penalties and added costs possible.

Some Wellborn residents have talked of incorporating the community in order to maintain its current state as much as possible. The city and Wellborn would have to have talks in order for this to happen, and the process for this is completely separate of the three-year plan, which Mayor Ben White described as being not a matter of "if" the area will be annexed, but "when."

For those areas annexed, College Station must provide services like police, fire and emergency services within 30 days. Within two-and-a-half years, utility connections must be provided, though some areas are already served by College Station.

The overall vote for the redesigned annexation was 6-1 in favor, with Councilmember Ron Gay voted against. During the meeting, Gay expressed displeasure with the route the city had gone to annex these properties.

Exemptions in legislation allow the city to make the quick annexations as opposed to the three-year option.

Gay opposed annexation on all but Areas 1 and 2, which were unanimous votes. Areas 3A, 3B and 6 were 6-1 votes, with Gay dissenting.

Area 4 (the Wellborn region) was a 4-3 vote in favor, while the vote on annexing Area 5 (South Highway 6) was two votes in favor, five against.

More than two dozen residents showed up to the meeting to voice their opinions. Though a public hearing was not scheduled, White wanted to allow the citizens another chance to sound off.