CPS Investigates Alleged Abuse at a Leon ISD School

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Child Protective Services made a visit to the Leon High School campus to look into allegations of physical abuse by its principal.

According to the district's superintendent Jay Winn, the Leon County Sheriff's Department and CPS are investigating whether Leon High School Principal David Jones grabbed a boy by the arm last week.

Jones is on paid leave pending the results of the investigation.

However, according to the Texas Education Agency, teachers are provided some protection under the law.

Section 9.62 of the Texas Penal Code states that the use of force, but not deadly force is justified if:
1) the educator is entrusted with the care, supervision, or administration of the person for a special purpose; and
2) when and to the degree the educator believes the force is necessary to further the special purpose or to maintain discipline in a group.

Winn says the student was in the principal's office for a disciplinary problem when the alleged abuse occurred.

School officials are hoping the investigation is complete by next week so they can decide what if any action should be taken.