Point of Purchase

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It may be very easy to purchase items on the internet, but determining the sales tax can be very confusing.

That's why the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce is hoping the federal government will step in and create a standard point of sale nationwide.

Currently states have different laws on point of sale. That means some may charge taxes based on where the buyer is and some on where the seller is.

Many businesses rely on numerous employees to sort it all out.

" We are going to be impacted because the cost of the transaction is greater so our sales price is going to be greater because they've had to hire all these people. What we believe is, lets have definition that keeps it as simple as possible. The businesses will remit the taxes like they're suppose to," said Royce Hickman with the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber hopes the federal government will decide to set a national point of sale based on where the seller is so businesses can gain tax dollars in their local communities.

Federal officials are still reviewing the issue.