West Bryan Residents Say Violence Around, But Numbers Say Differently

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The Reyes stabbing was one of two that happened over the weekend, leaving three Bryan residents in the hospital.
In one bryan neighborhood, its an unusual story where the neighbors say one thing but the numbers tell a different story .

"A lot of younger people moved into neighborhood. It used to be an older neighborhood." says resident, Kenneth Forman.

Forman has lived on Vincent street for the past 30 years. He's seen it change with the times and he says in the last 5 years, he's seen an increase in violent activity.

"The younger kids are starting the gang fights and all this around the neighborhood." says Forman.

Several stabbings happened over the weekend, one including an elderly couple where the wife was beaten and the husband was stabbed.

Anthony Villareal is their next door neighbor and nephew. He says one of the guys arrested in the case was a family friend. Villareal says gang activity is alive and well in West Bryan.

"We can't even come outside. You don't know what's gonna happen...drive by shootings or gangs coming over here and trying to fight." says Villareal.

"That area doesn't have a reputation of being a violent criminal area." says Walt Melnyk with Bryan Police department.

Melnyk says there's not much gang-related or violent crimes reported in that area. In 2004, that area saw 79 part one crimes, like murders, sexual assaults, stabbings, burglaries, theft, and aggravated assualts. A number Melnyk says is average.

"Right now our officers spend their time going to calls. So we don't have a lot of time to go out and free range patrol." says Melnyk.

"If they would patrol once in awhile at least -- that would keep some of the people out of here." says Villareal.

Neighbors are concerned and say they hope this is a wake up call for law enforcement to serve and protect. But police say they can't do it alone, it'll take involvement from the residents themselves.