CS Boys Move Forward After Losing Their Home in Co. Wildfire

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We've been telling you about four College Station boys starting over once again as their family struggles through yet another tragedy.

This time, they lost their new home in the Colorado wildfire.

News 3 interviewed their grandmother a year-and-a-half ago, when the community supported the Flowers boys after their first tragedy, when they lost both their parents.

It's hard to imagine how much the Flowers Family has lost.

Conner, Justin, Brandon and Tyler's worlds changed forever in College Station when their mom, Kim, died in October 2010.

Then, their dad, Nolan, of a heart attack less than three months later.

"My dad loved me so much my mom too," said Conner Flowers, in a January 16, 2011 interview.

In January 2011 News 3 spoke with the Flowers boys and their grandmother, Susan Solich, as they began a transition from College Station to Colorado Springs.

"Its our job as the grandparents to step in and say don't worry, we're going to take care of you," said Susan Solich, at the time.

And they left Aggieland knowing just how much they were loved. The community opened up their hearts and wallets with a BBQ fundraiser at the College Station Kroger.

More than $32,000 was raised to help with the move and the kids' expenses.

"But I just want to thank College Station. This community is amazing. I can't, we'll be forever grateful," said Susan Solich at the event on January 29, 2011.

But sadly, the tragedies didn't end there.

Susan Solich and the boys' Colorado Springs house was destroyed in the Waldo Canyon Fire a little more than a week ago.

Her home of 18 years is just one of nearly 350 homes destroyed in the most destructive wildfire in Colorado's history.

"Sad, very sad. A little bit of anger. I don't know what I'm angry at though," said Solich.

"I don't know, I kind of felt scared," said Tyler Flowers.

"We're probably going to have hard time getting used to it, like we were used to our own house that has been burned to the ground," said Justin Flowers.

For Solich, her daughter Hannah, and the Flowers boys, starting over is a reality they know will happen with hundreds of people across the country already offering comfort and help too.

"We'll rebuild, do something but we're all okay," Solich said.

News 3 spoke with Susan Solich Tuesday afternoon who told us her insurance company was assisting with finding a new home and they were in the middle of touring one when we called.

If you'd like to send donations or even words of encouragement to the Flower Boys and Susan Solich you can do so at the links listed below.

To send clothing, checks and/or gift cards to the family:
P.O. Box 6428
Colorado Springs, CO 80934