Fire Destroys Portions of Bryan Apartments

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Four units at a Bryan apartment complex were destroyed Friday night.

About 4:20, firefighters got the call to the 1600 block South College Avenue and the Bryan Arms Apartments. According to Fire Chief Mike Donoho, the quick moving fire was contained about half-an-hour later, but not before four of the twelve units in the building were destroyed.

Officials say all residents were accounted for, and no major injuries were reported, just emotional distress. According to the Red Cross, 11 of the 12 units were being lived in, though not all the residents were home at the time of the fire.

All firefighters -- most from Bryan, some from College Station -- were uninjured.

All occupants of the building were relocated through Red Cross efforts on scene.

"It was thick," said Curtis Wayne Hill, who lived in another building in the complex, but saw the smoke. "It was like a cloud fell from the sky."

Sixth grader Devonta Williams saw the smoke and fast-moving flames from outside, and knew his parents in the second floor apartment needed to know fast.

"I had to run upstairs to get my mom and dad," the 12-year-old said. "I had to run up there to tell somebody to call 911."

Williams said his parents were able to get out of the apartment just as the fire spread up from the ground-floor apartment where it started. Donoho says it appears the blaze spread up to the second floor, then spread through the attic to other apartments.

For those that didn't suffer severe fire damage, smoke damage and integrity concerns with the building prompted the relocation of all residents.

Fire officials will return in the coming days to measure the full extent of the damage. It is possible, Donoho says, that it may be better to level the remainder of the building and rebuild it due to the heavy damage.