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Summertime Is More Likely to Have Power Outages

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Power outages can be frustrating, especially during the dog days of summer. But it's those hot summer days are at the root of the problem.

David Massey, with College Station Utilities says summer time is when the power is more likely to go out.

"It’s a fairly common thing for storms to come through as we're seeing that's causing a lot of outages at this time of year, particularly the summer time. Lightening strikes on the line will cause an interruption of a short time on people's homes and businesses," says Massey.

Small animals, particularly squirrels, can also cause blackouts. They climb poles, wires and you can often see them running across cables, sometimes they get inside transformers with deadly results to the squirrel and darkness for the customer.

"Power companies try their best to protect equipment by putting covers on parts they get into. They seem to somehow chew through those. The best we can do is not good enough in some cases," says Massey.

While power outages are mostly caused by things we can not control. We can help by controlling how much electricity we use.

One device to help protect against the outages is the main breaker at the substation that will trip and interrupts your electrical flow, protecting the equipment from blowing up or having any major problems.

"Other devices are lighting arresters, we put light arresters on transformers and various parts of our lives and when lightning strike hits our line, it will actually short through the lightning arrester and bypass equipment protecting the equipment," says Massey.