Early Voting Draws More Voters

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If you voted early in the Texas primary, you're in good company. Of the state's 15 most populous counties, more than 800,000 Texans have cast an early ballot. That's about four times the number of early voters across the entire state, in the 2004 primaries. Of the 800,000 who've already voted, 600,000 voted a democratic ticket.

Some Brazos County folks say they're voting early for the normal reasons. "To avoid the crowds mostly," said Dianne Gilbert.

Several say they are voting in a primary for the first time, and also early voting for the first time. "I actually never have, this is my first primary," said one voter.

By Wednesday in Brazos County, around 6,500 people cast an early vote. Compare that to about 4,400 early primary voters in the county in 2004. In this red republican state, locally and across texas, more democrats are making their way to the polls. "Doesn't surprise me," said an early voter.

The Brazos Valley voters KBTX spoke with say it wasn't the local candidates drawing them to the ballot box. "I didn't pay attention to that. I was mainly on the presidential election," said Johnny Chem.

With the presidential primary heating up, come this tuesday, all eyes will be on Texas.