Huckabee Rocks Out in Aggieland

Republican presidential hopeful former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee speaks to supporters at an airport rally in Texarkana, Ark., Monday, Feb. 4, 2008. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)
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Stumping across the state, Mike Huckabee made a political pit stop Friday at Texas A&M.

More than 2,000 people turned out to hear the Republican presidential candidate discuss his plans if elected.

The event started off more like a rock concert than a political rally, as Mike Huckabee joined a band on stage to play bass.

The light atmosphere continued as Huckabee discussed his plans for his cabinet and administration saying he had jobs in store for one of his most recognizable supporters, Chuck Norris.

"My plan for securing the borders: two words, Chuck Norris," Huckabee said. " Either you vote for me or Chuck Norris is going to roundhouse kick you right upside the head."

All jokes aside, the former Arkansas governor discussed one of his plans for the economy, the fair tax. He says it's a plan that would put the IRS out of business.

"It empowers people at the bottom of the economy, untaxes the poor, it does things a good tax system ought to do, it really could revitalize our economy in a way I don't think anything else will," Huckabee said.

Huckabee added his proven track record on key issues sets him apart from other candidates running for the White House.

"I've had experience in overhauling an education system, a health care system, rebuilding roads, helping the economy, seeing a deficit turn to surplus, and balancing a budget for 10 and half years, nothing a person from Washington has been able to do," said Huckabee.

Huckabee says the race to gain the GOP nomination is not over until one candidate reaches 1,191 delegates. He believes this year, young voters could make all the difference.

"The fair tax is incredible, everything he said we believe, so he's got my vote," one student said.

"I'm text messaging all my friends and saying Go Huckabee," another student added.

The Norris factor also doesn't seem to hurt.

"We met Chuck Norris, we touched Chuck," said three students after the rally. "We're big Huckabee fans, but we're also Walker Texas Ranger fans."

However, only time will tell if Chuck can help bring Huck a victory in Texas.