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College Station Neighborhood Has Concerns About New Development

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Some College Station residents who live around here are worried about an increase in traffic to their neighborhood. And the city and landowners are trying to come to some sort of compromise.

Patricia Klein has lived in the Woodcreek subdivision for eight years. She was among the many residents that attended a public meeting in May to discuss concerns about changes in their neighborhood.

"I certainly appreciate what new business could do for a city. However I would like it if they have a growth vision for how they see city laying out and then stick to that vision," says Klein.

Foxfire, Emerald Forest and Woodcreek are the areas being affected by possible changes that residents say could lead to more traffic congestion.

"We just don't feel having that type of traffic impacting these neighborhoods is going to be acceptable for our quality of life," says Klein.

These areas are currently being used for residents and industrial use, but a change could bring in retail stores and car dealerships, and some residents aren't too happy about it.

"If this area becomes commercial, it would draw in a lot of other people from around the city that don't actually live here," says Klein.

"Its still a decision of the issues and gathering input. There haven't been any final recommendations or decision made," says Joey Dunn, College Station Planning and Development Services Director.

The city and landowners are meeting with residents once again to find a solution they can all agree on. The comprehensive plan amendment is still under review for the area that's along the East Side of Earl Rudder Freeway and traffic is a concern for all involved.

"We want to know if there's any level of agreement that can be reached between the applicant and neighbors; that's the major milestone," says Dunn.

No timeline has been set, but once the final plans are decided on, it will go before planning and zoning and council before the landowner can move forward.