Clinton Campaigns in College Station

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Just two days away from the Texas primaries, Former President Clinton made a local campaign stop on behalf of his wife. Polls show Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to be in a dead heat in both Texas and Ohio. Texas A&M is one stop on a string of rallys the former president attended today in hopes of energizing his base.

President Clinton entered to cheers, signs, and camera flashes. With Senators Clinton and Obama tied in the polls, the president wanted to remind voters to come back and cast a second vote Tuesday night. That's because some of the Texas democrat delegates are decided in a caucus Tuesday evening. "There are actually some people in the other campaign who believe she'll win the popular vote and then they'll come back at night and take the delegates away. Are you gonna let that happen?" asked Clinton.

The president then moved to health insurance. He called universal health care a moral obligation, and asked people in the audience if they knew someone uninsured. "There is not another wealthy country where you would get this answer, there is not another wealthy country where the question would even be asked," said Clinton. "I wanna be perfectly upfront here. You will have to buy insurance under her plan, if you don't have it."

Clinton promised income percentages spent on insurance, would be capped. He also touched on the need to return to fiscal responsibility, and says Senator Clinton is the person to do it. "Hillary is sometimes asked, 'isn't there something you're more conservative than president bush on?' and the answer is yes there is. The budget," said Clinton.

The former president also says if his wife is elected, she'll begin work with a focus on Iraq. "If you elect her she'll tell the Joint Chiefs to immediately come up with a plan to begin withdrawing troops in 60 days, at a pace and in a manner consistent with our obligations," said Clinton.

It was a promise some supporters were glad to hear. "She's giving us a plan to slowly get our troops out-but get them home," said audience member Ashley Porter.

While the focus was Hillary Clinton, with out a doubt, people were excited about the other Clinton. "I just met him and I am excited. I touched his hand and I paid attention to every word he said," said audience member Daisy Gualberto.