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Military Firefighters Training in the Brazos Valley

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A group of military firefighters just completed a tour of duty in Iraq and are now in the Brazos Valley for a month-long training dealing with war like scenarios.

"This allows them to get hands on applications of their firefighting with their new vehicles. This is one of the first times they've been able to operate in true firefighting conditions," says Mark Brusoe, Defense Department Coordinator.

This training is unique in that these men are the first to use the state-of-the-art military-ready fire engines. If these soldiers get deployed for a second run, they will be qualified to handle almost any situation.

"It gives the firefighters not only basic training but also certifies them and enhances their skills. That way when we are faced with fires, it enhances their survivability," says Lieutenant Alex Tran, fire marshal commander with the army's 463rd firefighter detachment out of Houston.

He says the combination of the new equipment and the first-rate training will only strengthen the abilities of these soldiers when facing HAZMAT or barracks fires.

"Our side mission is aircraft firefighting, so anytime a military aircraft could crash we would be the first to come out and rescue those pilots," says Lieutenant Tran.