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Huntsville Will Finally Get New Mayor

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After nearly two years of political turmoil and dissension on the city council, Huntsville is just days away from choosing a new mayor. The runoff election between former council member Vance Howard and architect J. Turner is this Saturday.

Huntsville residents are eagerly awaiting the outcome of Saturday's mayoral runoff election. The last men standing are J Turner, a longtime local architect, and Vance Howard, a former city council member and businessman.

Both candidates have managed to run a clean race, sticking to the issues. They hope it's the issues that will recapture the interest of some disenfranchised residents.

One hot topic is the budget. Turner says residents should always have a say so on how their tax dollars are spent.

" To make sure that we have the support of the people for what the projects are that we are undertaking. The role of government is to provide services to the citizens," said Turner.

Howard, who wasn't available for an on camera interview, said in a telephone interview that Huntsville's budget is in great shape.

" We have a strong financial situation there at the city. We are very, very solvent and if we manage our money wisely. I can see us not needing a tax increase for many, many years to come. And if I'm elected I will continue to work hard to see to it that we hold taxes down," said Howard.

Turner says the skills he has as an architect can be applied to running the city.

" The role of mayor is to have a vision and lead people together. I'm very good at talking to people with different points of view and from that coming up with a vision of where it is we wish to go," said Turner.

Howard says his eight years as a council member, have allowed him to see a clear picture of what the future of the city can hold.

" I would like to see us work extremely hard to expand our economic base," said Howard.

Voters will decide who will lead their city, Saturday.