Gathering Info on Bryan Housing Ordiances

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There are things inherent to a college community...sporting events, graduations, and off-campus life. Many of Texas A&M and Blinn's students call Bryan home. And there are things inherent to students in a community.

"The issues that keep coming up repeatedly are loud parties, noise, trash, availability of parking, accessibility to neighborhoods," said Kim Casey of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

"You don't care if you're living next door to a party house if it's students, if it's 25 to 30-year-olds, if it's a family," said Bryan City Councilmember Mark Conlee. "You don't care. You're just unhappy with what's coming across your property line, whether it's noise or trash or cars, or whatever it is."

For the city's Planning and Zoning Commission, they're in the information gathering stage. On the table: the hot button election issue of how many non-related people can live together in a home. But the commission gathers over the summer, when the majority of the students are gone.

Still notable to Aggies and Bucs is the decision in College Station to cut off drinking on the Northgate promenade, which came during their winter break. But according to Bryan city officials, the very earliest a vote could come on a revised ordinance would be late September, giving students plenty of time for input. And even still, those most involved now say getting student input over the summer will happen.

"One student's not going to come defend the whole population," said Conlee. "But you will have people that will give the students' aspect of this."

"While we may not have the numbers we might have if we were doing this in the fall or the spring, I think we'll get a good cross section," Casey said.

City officials also say the current shortage of police officers has made code enforcement a low priority.