Brazos County Attorney's Race Between Two Firsts

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Brazos County's only contested primary Tuesday is for a spot soon to be vacated by a longtime attorney.

Rod Anderson and Shane Phelps are up against each other for the county attorney's office. The Republican primary winner has no challenger on the Democrats' side come November.

Jim Kuboviak, who has held the office for more than two decades, has chosen not to run again.

His first assistant is Rod Anderson, who has served in that capacity for more than two decades. The longtime resident touts his experience in that office, and says the goal should be to work out plea deals when at all possible, with trials as the last resort.

"We know how juries are going to treat those cases," Anderson said. "We know the kind of time to spend on them, how to treat them, what we can get for those cases, and I think we can be efficient in what we do with those. I think experience in handling the kind of cases we deal with is the main difference."

His opponent is Shane Phelps, the first district attorney for Brazos County.

Phelps has not been in this area as long, but touts experience in multiple roles in the Attorney General's office over the course of his career. Phelps takes the position that trying more cases proves the office's effectiveness, and works to negotiate better plea deals.

"I just don't believe that cases plea themselves in a vacuum," Phelps said. "Defendants don't want to plea their cases. We have to give them an incentive to do that, and the incentive should be aggressive courtroom prosecution so that if they do go to trial against us, they'd wish they would have taken the offer we made before we went to trial."