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White Offered Plea Deal

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A third time may not be the charm in the murder case against a Navasota man.

The Grimes County District Attorney has changed his mind about trying James David White a third time for the crime, instead he's being offered a plea deal.

But will he take it?

District Attorney Tuck McLain says in the interest of justice, a plea bargain is on the table for James David White and an answer was expected today.

Defense Attorney David Barron says it may take a month to decide whether or not they'll accept the deal but right now, it looks like they will.

Both sides are keeping the details of the agreement confidential until a decision is made.

Since the 2002 shooting death of Lonnie Turner Senior, two juries have deadlocked on convicting White of the murder.

White admits he shot Turner Senior but says he was under duress.

He testified that Turner's son, Lonnie Junior held a gun to his head and made him pull the trigger.

Lonnie Junior denies any involvement in his father's death, and during both trials he's laid out an alibi that could not put him at the crime scene.

After the second mistrial, McLain vowed to try White a third time.

But he says the defense approached him about a plea deal and this week everyone agreed on the specifics.

Defense attorneys say White is considering the deal and remains in the Grimes County Jail on a half a million dollar bond.

Meanwhile, all of White's attorneys were court appointed, and the district attorney estimates thousands of dollars have been spent on trying White.

McLain says the cost of a third trial played a role in making White the offer.

Unless new evidence is presented, McLain says this case is over and charges will not be brought against Lonnie Junior.