College Station Council Business

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College Station's City Council had a full agenda Thursday. Much discussion was considered for the rental property registration program and the conference.

The council eventually decided to put the rental registration program on hold. Scheduled to go into effect on October 1st, it proposed charging property owners a $25 fee on all rental units and $15 annual fee.

But some council members now want to amend the ordinance and possibly remove the charges. The council will re-consider the program at the next council meeting.

Despite 10 years of setbacks, plans for a hotel and conference center in College Station are back on the table again.

The city council voted to hire a consultant for the tax increment finance plan, which would help fund the infastructure of a new center.

Before deciding on any final plans the council wants to know exactly how much a conference center could impact our economy.

Right now the conference center budget is 18 million dollars.