Anderson Wins Brazos County Attorney Race Decisively

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Rod Anderson has defeated Shane Phelps in the Republican race for Brazos County attorney.

Anderson will not have a Democrat opponent in November, meaning he will all but assuredly take the office.

Jim Kuboviak, the longtime county attorney, decided not to run again, supporting his first assistant, Anderson.

"I love the job, and I have for a number of years," Anderson said following his win. "I'm blessed to serve the citizens of Brazos County, and I have been -- I've said it over and over -- for 21 years. I really feel blessed at being able to do that.

"I want to continue to do that," he continued, "and I also look forward to working with the people in our office because it's an awesome office to work for."

Anderson received 65% of the votes, or 7,843. Phelps, the first assistant in the Brazos County district attorney's office, earned the remaining 35%, or 4,237.

"I would change nothing about my campaign," Phelps said following the loss. "We worked very hard. I had wonderful supporters. I take a lot of comfort in the fact that I had some pretty tremendous people supporting me. I'm disappointed in the results, but I'm a big boy, and I can handle it."