Local Voters Pack Caucus

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Voter turnout was at a high with nearly 27,000 Brazos County residents hitting the primary election polls.

The strong numbers continued long after the those polls closed Tuesday evening. That's because for many, the voting doesn't end after casting the primary election ballot.

In fact, many Democrats headed back to the Brazos Center later in the day to take part in the evening caucus. It's a time in which Democrats get a chance to talk resolutions, and also reaffirm their presidential nominee.

"We elect delegates to the county convention based on presidential preference," Brazos County Democratic Party Chairman Charles Wiggins said. "The next step is for the groups to say, all the Obama people in one corner of the room, all the Clinton people are in the other corner of the room. Then they count heads and allocate the delegates."

Republicans also take part in what's called a precinct convention, a term which Republican officials say differs from the Democratic caucus.

"The precinct convention is held to elect delegates to the county and state convention, and to pass any resolutions from anyone in our precinct," Republican Election Chair Paul Rieger said.

Democratic party officials add that this year's caucus was one of the first times the system has really been tested locally, since both presidential candidates for the party have been neck and neck.