Hispanic, Late Deciding Voters Boost Clinton

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DALLAS -- New York Senator Hillary Clinton can thank Hispanics and white women in Texas for keeping her Democratic presidential campaign alive.

Clinton may also be glad she ran a late round of commercials that questioned Illinois Senator Barack Obama's ability to be commander in chief.

Voters who made up their minds in the days before Tuesday's primary, Hispanics and white women were the ones who broke strongly for Clinton. That's according to an exit poll for The Associated Press and
television networks.

Arizona Senator John McCain cruised to victory in the less suspenseful Republican primary.

Republicans listed the economy, followed closely by illegal immigration, terrorism and the war in Iraq as their top issues.

Half the voters in the Democratic primary named the economy as the biggest issue, and another quarter picked the war in Iraq.

Survey results were from interviews of 2,048 Democratic primary voters and 1,488 Republican primary voters conducted by Edison Media Research and Mitofsky International in 40 polling places across Texas on Tuesday.

Margin of sampling error plus or minus 3 percentage points in the Democratic primary and 4 percentage points in the GOP election.

The samples include 434 Democratic voters and 267 Republican voters who voted early or absentee and were surveyed in the past week by telephone.