Man Trapped in Car Overnight

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Late Saturdy night, 31year old Justin Griffith was traveling southbound on Highway 50 when his truck suddenly swerved off the road and crashed through a bridge guardrail near the FM 166 intersection.

Griffith survived the fall, but was trapped inside the vehicle overnight without means of communication.

Almost 7 hours after the accident, a random passer-by spotted the severely damaged guardrail and pulled over to find Griffith’s truck lying in a ditch.

EMS and police weren't able to arrive on scene until just before 7 o'clock Sunday morning to begin the process of prying Griffith from his truck.

According to police, Griffith has a history of medical problems including heart attack and stroke, which may have contributed to his accident.

Griffith is believed to have suffered several broken bones in the crash; he is currently being treated at St. Joseph Regional Health Center.

Police do not believe that alcohol was involved.