Bryan Mystery Unraveled

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Early Saturday morning, EMS arrived on the scene at a Woodbend home in north Bryan and found Edwinn Michael Jones near death.

Foul play was suspected immediately, and investigators were called in.

Yet, it was quickly discovered that the man was moved from another location.

Komar says 41-year-old Edwinn Michael Jones' injuries were caused from a motorcycle accident that happened early Saturday morning at FM 2818 and Highway 6.

“The person was taken from the scene of the accident to his residence in Woodbend, and that is part of the issue that is very much the subject of investigation,” says Komar.

Komar is furious about the man-hours spent on a case, thought originally to be a serious crime. He says additional investigators had to be called out on overtime away from their own families and he's not happy with the lies and deceit by witnesses.

“There was a lot of poor decisions made, their was a lot of lying, and we’re not talking about kids, we’re talking about adults,” says Komar. “Those lies and deceptions and poor decisions could very well have cost a man his life, it didn’t have to be.”

Komar says the case will be presented to the District Attorney early this week for possible charges. Edwin Jones remains at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, believed to be in critical condition.