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Baby Boomers Retiring

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Baby boomers are nearing retirement age, looking forward to some rest and relaxation. But their employers may be scrambling to find suitable replacements and bracing for their departure.

Bryan Postmaster, Ron Glenn, is facing some major personnel issues. A number of the post offices long time employees are nearing retirement. Most are from the " baby boom " generation.

" The employees that we have lost through retirement here recently have been the backbone of the Bryan post office. They're multi-task, and they can put it all together to understand how the whole operation runs," said Glenn.

Glenn says he's always been concerned about losing the older and more mature employees. But the post office has taken steps to ensure new employees can fill the void.

" We need to keep in mind that no longer can they be concentrated in one area of the postal service, but we need to make sure that they're multi-task just like the individuals that we're losing," said Glenn.

Michael Wesson, a business management professor at Texas A&M, says many companies may even be looking at ways to keep baby boomers on board, and delay their retirement.

" Companies can do all kinds of things like finding ways to allow older workers to work part time, have phased retirement plans," said Wesson.

In a recent study 55 percent of company executives said they were concerned about losing key workers to retirement over the next 5 to 10 years. Companies say they not only want a replacement for a longtime employees, but they also want the knowledge that was gained.

" Knowledge transfer, which is finding a way to move the knowledge and the skills and the attributes that we have in our older workforce to our younger workforce," said Wesson.

Wesson admits that may be easier said than done.

The high number of retirements might leave companies in a temporary jam, but it's good news for younger employees hoping to move up in the ranks.