Changing of Command in Bryan

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Back from a year in Iraq, the local army reserve unit now has a new soldier in charge.

In a ceremony Saturday in Bryan, Brigadier General Robert Pollman handed the 420th Engineer Brigade guidon to Colonel Paul Crandall to signify the change of command.

Crandall comes to the 420th from Illinois where he was chief of staff for the 416th Engineer Command.

Pollman has been in charge of the 420th for the last two-and-a-half years, and says their work in the Middle East was very rewarding.

"It's just amazing what the American soldier does and can do, and given the circumstances that will try the patience of everyone and threaten their lives, they responded beautifully," Pollman said.

Pollman also thanked the Twin Cities' residents for all their support. He will be returning home to Minnesota to command a unit there.