A Homegrown Plan

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The idea of limiting the number of roommates in College Station rental properties has been floating around for years. At least one Aggie hopes it doesn't come to that, and says he has an alternative plan, that works.

Student government leader Tyler Koch says when complaints are made against student renters, the renters shape up when the University steps in. Koch says he's worked with the city and code enforcement on seven renter issues. He says he's even gone to renter's home to explain complaints.

"We're the same age. They don't have to listen to us, but they're inclined to listen to Texas A&M and that's who we represent,"said student government leader Tyler Koch.

Koch says he brought his three phase plan to the city last fall. College Station officials say there is no set policy in place to refer renter problems to A&M, but it's something they may consider at a meeting on March 27th.