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A&M Raises Tuition

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The legislature didn't pay out, so now Texas A&M students will have to pay up.

Tuesday, the university announced a tuition increase by $12.50.

In an email to students and faculty, President Robert Gates said the hike is necessary because of a reduction in anticipated state funding.

A breakdown of the increase shows, 10 dollars going for for faculty and staff pay raises, and the rest goes to operating expenses.

The increase bumps the designated tuition rate up to $87 a credit.

Designated tuition means full time students taking 12 or more hours pay the same.

The new rate means full timers will have to shell out almost an extra $188 per semester.

"We looked at the various initiatives we were putting in place this year and looked at the cost that were required to do that and the tuition increase was really the last resort," said Texas A&M CFO Sue Redman.

Not surprisingly, students we spoke to aren't happy.

"I think it's ridiculous that it keeps going up. We just did the flat rate do we need to raise it again?" said student Josh Kercho.

"They're getting a lot more out of that and then to raise the tuition again is just over kill. I don't really understand where that money's going," said student Josh Roberts.

In comparison, the University of Texas charges about three hundred dollars more per 12 hour semester than A&M.