Austin's Colony Gets New Signal

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Residents of Austin's Colony subdivision in Bryan will soon be able to get in and out of their neighborhood with less hold ups.

Bryan city council approved a $435,000 project which will add a signal light at the section of FM 158 and Austin's Colony Parkway and widen a section of that parkway.

TX-DOT was concerned the signal would cause back-ups on the Highway 6 bypass, but the city has agreed to time the signal.

The city says know is the time to prepare for future growth in that area.

"The city is being proactive in anticipating the increased traffic flow from the movie theater development and the on coming grocery store that will be locating there," said Barbara Bayer, Director of Management Operations.

TX-DOT conducted traffic studies at FM 158 and the Highway 6 bypass. The city also hired outside traffic engineers to conduct a study in the area. Both studies showed there wasn't an immediate need for the traffic light, but the city decided to move forward with the project.

Road work will start Wednesday and will be finished by mid August.