New Developments In The Death Of A Missing Hearne Man

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New developments in the death of an elderly Hearne man who had been missing for a week. The body was found last Thursday and police were certain it was foul play. But now, preliminary autopsy results are showing something different.

"Somebody has done something and somebody knows something," says Foster's son-in-law, Wendell Hughley.

Wendell Hughley is continuing to look for answers to his father in law's death. After searching for almost a week, Hearne police found 82-year old Ray Foster's body last week just south of the Hearne Municipal Airport.

After police were certain foul play was involved, preliminary forensics showed otherwise. Now they say Foster died of natural causes.

"We rely on the forensic labs for their diagnosis-their preliminary diagnosis was death by natural causes. But still someone can die of natural causes if someone put them in that situation against their will." says Hearne Police Chief, Robert Parsley.

Police still believe foul play was involved in this case because, of the wallet found that was missing credit cards and cash and the car hidden under brush.

A company out of Bryan is taking more pictures of the crime scene, looking for anything police might have missed.

"What we're doing is trying to find tire marks, foot prints, other evidence that we haven't gathered and photos are still being developed as we speak." says Chief Parsley.

Foster's family says he was in good health physically and mentally and despite the outcome of the autopsy resutls, they too believe there's something more.

"That was cause of death, but that's not what created the death. Its what created is what we want to the investigation to continue towards. We believe in our heart and we know that he did not in his own accord end up at the airport..someone took him there." says Hughley.

Police have leads of possible suspects in this case but are not saying how many or what exactly they are suspected of.