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Villa Maria: Under Construction

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A major intersection in Bryan will be shut down over the weekend.

And for the next year, you may want to find a different way to get where you want to go.

Patience should eventually pay off when it comes to improvements at Villa Maria and Wellborn.

"I think it's definitely going to be worth it," said one driver.

A project to build a bypass at the intersection is headed for phase two.

If construction continues as scheduled, the grade separation will be complete by Winter 2006.

"Right now you have to wait a long time for a train, but after we're done it won't be congested anymore," said Bob Colwell of TxDot.

But to get there the intersection will have to completely shut down this weekend, starting Friday at noon.

"If you don't have to go through that intersection this weekend, please don't go through it because it will be a major hassle," said Colwell.

Once the overpass is complete it will be smooth sailing for drivers, but until then you'll have find an alternate route.

TxDot suggests using State Highway 21 if you need to get to Bryan.

And use FM 60, also known as University Drive to access College Station.

On Monday -- the intersection will re-open but more detours are in store for about another year.

If you want to take a left on Villa Maria driving north on Wellborn, you'll be diverted to F&B road instead.

Traffic will be condensed to two lanes instead of four.

Motorists say the hassle is a worthwhile means to an end.

"It's a good idea, but I'll be glad when it's over with," said another driver.

And when everything is complete, they'll never have to wait again.

June 17-20: Intersection at Villa Maria and Finfeather/Wellborn will be closed starting noon on Friday.
June 20: Intersection will reopen Monday morning, but traffic will be diverted to bypass road, only two lanes.
Traffic traveling on Wellborn Northbound will be diverted to F&B Road, and then to Finfeather Road.
TxDot suggests using Hwy. 21 and FM 60 to access Bryan/College Station.