Locals Get Ready to Spring Forward

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St. Joseph's Catholic Church is preparing for a wedding, and also preparing to change its clocks. Although the bell system is computerized, the time still has to be manually changed.

Regardless of whether the church is on the right time, Father John McCaffrey knows some parishioners will forget to change their own clocks. They always do.

"Many, many will come late or they will come very early," said McCaffrey.

In another part of the church, groom Justin Whitworth is getting ready to walk down the aisle and leave for an international honeymoon.

"We thought we'd be clever and book an early flight to leave the College Station airport at 6:30 in the morning," said Whitorth.

That's 5:30 a.m. on Saturday's time.

"Poor prior planning is what that is," said Whitworth.

Across town, Ronnie Arrington and the folks at Douglas Jewelers are springing forward a little early, and changing 400 watches.

"Every single one of them," said Arrington.

The intricate work takes nearly all day, and numbs hands.

"Sometimes, you have to turn them upside down and do it with your other hand," said Arrington.

Hand-numbing or not, Arrington says Douglas Jewelers has been keeping watches on time for nearly half a century. The store's employees pride themselves on being able to hear a customer say, "will you set it for me," so they can tell them it already is.