College Station Releases Annual Report

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The City of College Station has released its 2007 annual report, highlighting the city's biggest accomplishments and its future plans.

Among the successes touted in 2007 are the eastside transportation study, which identified some major road work needed, including the Rock Prairie Road and Highway 6 ramp work that is already underway.

The recent installation of red light cameras at four intersections were also highlighted. Future cameras will be considered after city officials get a baseline of results, likely this summer.

The report also touts a $1 million reduction in operating expenses and $42 million worth of capital projects completed.

"From the parks crews preparing the dozens of athletic fields to the management team of tireless department directors, it’s the more than 900 employees which help keep the city running," the report reads in a section written by the city's council members. "This year’s annual report is a tribute to the dedication and energy which the city’s employees portray in their service to the community."

The report also honors Kevin Joyner as the city's employee of the year. Joyner is a systems analyst in the MIS department, working with city servers and providing technical support.

You can read the 24-page report by clicking on the link below this story.