Resident Pleads for Road Repairs

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Residents of County Road 172 are pleading with Grimes County commissioners to maintain their road.

Traffic is increasing on 172 -- but they say for years their complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

For the past five years...Loren Duncan has pleaded with Grimes County Commissioners to improve the road he calls home.

"Every year just about I approach the court and ask for their attention and they're ignoring me," said Duncan.

Monday's meeting was no different according to Duncan....and the problems on County Road 172 still persist.

Duncan says visibility is close to zero on the dusty road.

Trees are overgrown, and there's no drainage when it rains.

"We have 835 registered voters, 441 tax units that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars that it dumps into the county's coffer, but we don't get that money back in maintenance on our road," said Duncan.

In 2002, the county took a traffic count and found that over 3 thousand cars traveled CR 172 a week.

"We have an excellent commissioner but he's only one of four and naturally they can vote against him and we lose out," said Duncan.

It's not just a cosmetic complaint.

The road's conditions could mean the difference between life and death.

Emergency personnel say they're concerned about responding to a Life Flight helipad on the road.

But Duncan says even petitions and trips to commissioners court have yielded nothing.

"We didn't elect them for their sterling opinions, but to represent us and what the citizens want," said Duncan.

And that...Duncan says... is a safer, well-maintained County Road 172.

County Judge James Dixon says the county plans to schedule a workshop meeting so commissioners can discuss possible remedies.

Meanwhile, more residents will voice their concerns at the commissioners' July 11th meeting.