Buzz-ing the Tower: Moseley Could Lead USAF

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An Aggie could be the Air Force's top man if the Senate agrees. General T. Michael Moseley is the president's nominee to become the new Air Force Chief of Staff.

Better known as "Buzz," Moseley went before the Senate Armed Services Committee this afternoon for a confirmation hearing. Senator John Cornyn introduced the general, saying his experience and leadership makes him the right man for the job.

If approved, he will take over for General John Jumper, who is retiring later this year.

Moseley graduated from A&M in 1971, and also earned a Masters degree from A&M in 1972. A command pilot with over 2,800 hours of flying time in a number of aircraft, he has served in the Air Force for more than three decades.

Moseley was the man in charge of air operations during both Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Currently, he is the number two officer in the Air Force, serving as Jumper's vice chief of staff.