Shoppers Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend

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Some stores opened early Friday in Texas as shoppers take advantage of the sales tax-free weekend on numerous items. The annual Texas sales tax holiday runs through Sunday.

The timing coincides with back-to-school shopping -- but the tax-exempt holiday does not cover items such as school supplies or backpacks.

Here are some key points about the Texas sales tax holiday.

-TAX-FREE ITEMS: Clothing, coats, pajamas, hosiery, certain shoes, socks, underwear, adult and baby diapers, work uniforms, gym suits, ties.

-TAXED ITEMS: Backpacks, school supplies, football helmets and pads, hair barrettes, sewing cloth, purses, jewelry.

-PRICE RANGE COVERED: Items under $100 each; no limit on number of items purchased.

-INDIVIDUAL SAVINGS: About eight dollars per 100 spent.

-OVERALL SAVINGS: Projected at about $47.4 million for all consumers in state and local sales taxes.