Homeless Shelter for Families

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The Brazos Valley is currently homeless when it comes to homeless shelters for families.

Over the years Frank and Nita Hilburn have witnessed this problem firsthand, so now they spend every weekend putting on yard sales to raise money for a shelter of their own.

The Hilburn's are the co-founders of Room For Us All.

Room For Us All is a faith based non-profit organization that ministers to homeless and underprivileged people throughout the Brazos Valley.

"Well, currently in the Brazos Valley we don't have a shelter where the whole family can stay together," says Nita Hilburn. "Families need help with food, they need help with clothes, they need work clothes, and we want to help these people succeed."

The hope of the Hilburn's is to raise enough money from yard sales to build, own, and operate a family homeless shelter within the next three years.

"Our shelter is going to be working with families only," says Frank Hilburn. "There are other places in town where people can go, but our shelter is going to focus on families and single-adults with children. That's why we feel it's such a great need because they're falling through the cracks right now."

Not having a family homeless shelter is problematic because most shelters segregate men and women, dividing families and slowing down the rehabilitation process.

"The shelter that we envisioned shows where a person can come into the shelter, and they can live there for up to 6 months. While they're living at the shelter we help with child care so they can get a job, we help build resumes, we help with job searches; we help them to get on their feet," says Nita Hilburn.

For more information on Room For Us All, call 979-823-4320.