Mother Calls for War's End from Bush's Ranch

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CRAWFORD, Texas -- The angry mother of a fallen U-S soldier staged a protest near President Bush's ranch in Crawford today.

Cindy Sheenan, 48, of California demanded an accounting from the president of how he has conducted the war in Iraq. She was supported by more than 50 shouting demonstrators. Her 24-year-old son Casey, an Army specialist, was killed in Sadir City, Iraq on April 4th.

Sheehan arrived in Crawford aboard a bus painted red, white and
blue and emblazoned with the words, "Impeachment Tour." Sheehan had been attending a Veterans for Peace Convention in Dallas. She vowed she would camp out as close as she could get to the
president's ranch until Bush comes out and talks to her.

Local law enforcement officials were keeping Sheehan four to five miles away from the ranch's entrance.