Texas Troopers C.A.R.E.

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The fourth of July weekend is one of the most dangerous times on American roadways and that's why Texas troopers plan on being out in full force.

"I think it's more dangerous than your average weekend because of the fact that you have so many people traveling," says Senior Trooper Eddie Carmon.

Despite the increased road risks, many motorists plan to pound the pavement in record numbers this fourth of July. According to a new survey by AAA more than 40-million Americans will travel over 50 miles this holiday weekend.

That's why Texas troopers are taking part in Operation C.A.R.E.

"Operation care is an acronym for combined accident reduction efforts, where all state police agencies monitor and enforce the traffic laws on interstate highways that way you have consistency from one state the next," says Carmon. " If you're traveling on an interstate then you are going to encounter lots of law enforcement, especially state troopers and they're going to be looking for intoxicated drivers, aggressive drivers, and also people not using their safety restraints."

At this time last year, DPS troopers arrested more than 900 motorists and this year they plan on being just as aggressive.

"We're going to be out this weekend, we're going to be enforcing laws, so if you're going to be driving on an interstate or a U.S. highway then get ready to drive safely because if you don't then you're going to be arrested."

The Department of Public Safety plans to have every available trooper on duty during the holiday weekend.